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Final Moments... Girl trapped inside London Latimer Rd Fire prays makes live video - Golakar Video
Published: 1 week ago By: iD Events Ebrahim DAR-wa

By: iD Events Ebrahim DAR-waPublished: 1 week ago

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In the London Latimer Road Fire Sister Rania Ibrham made a live Facebook video trapped inside due to the smoke. Near the end you can hear people scream saying they are trapped on the 21 floor. Sadly she and her 2 little girls were returned to our Lord.

This appears to be very early and we can notice that the smoker must have been very thick and/ or people were following safety procedures which was to apparently stay inside the rooms as they would be safe?

Also do you hear any smoke or fire alarms going off?

The council and government will be under attack as they will have to justify how they do not deal with complaints and ignore the poor in society... money is there but not used properly are people's complaints.


Ustadh Abu Eesa says
"I want you to watch this heart-breaking #GrenfellTower video for a few reasons please:

1. Our beloved sister Rania is still missing, along with her children. Only Allah knows her fate right now, but that shouldn't stop you praying to Allah that whatever the case, that He accepts them and those that passed all as Shuhadaa'.

2. Rania's last FB post was an encouragement to seek forgiveness for all the mistakes that cloud our hearts throughout the year. In the video, her constant dhikr and tahleel and istighfar is a sign of iman and an indication of glad tidings in Jannah. What a blessed woman subhanallah. Many Muslims are not able to articulate such closeness to Allah in even the most desperate and obvious of situations. Work on your ability to do so because wallahi it is a blessing to be able to turn to in your time of distress,

3. As you break your fast in comfort with food and drink, hug your children that little bit closer. You are more blessed than you can ever possibly imagine. The reality you see in Rania's video has affected us all immensely, but remember that this kind of catastrophe happens in our countries every single day - actually they are worse because they are at the hands of oppressors who do so *intentionally*, whether in Raqqa, or Mosul, or Gaza or so many other places. Parents, children, families all living in fear of impending doom, and then when it comes they can do nothing about it to save themselves.

You've been donating, you've been putting up the homeless, you've been praying. Just make sure you don't forget yourself in all of this fitnah.
Hug your children tighter. Thank your Lord even more. May He protect us all from being trialled so hard, make us strong for the inevitable moment when our trial *does* come, and protect us from the fitan of the Akhirah. Ameen.

I know this video is very, very difficult to watch and some will say she deserved her privacy and honour at this time and not spreading her fate like this. I understand that sentiment but I disagree.

This video is what she wanted to send out and there is a huge lesson in this fitna for all of us. At the very least she wanted du'as and that's what she and all the other victims must get from us."
Ustadh Abu Eesa

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